Protect Your Investment

Throughout the course of your home-buying experience, you’ve spent a lot of time with me and we’ve gotten to know each other fairly well. There’s no reason to throw all that trust and rapport out the window just because the deal has closed. In fact, I want you to keep in touch. Even after you close on your house, I can still help you:

  • Find contractors to help with home maintenance or remodeling.
  • Help your friends find homes.
  • Keep track of your home’s current market value.

Attention to your home’s maintenance needs is essential to protecting the long-term value of your investment. Home maintenance falls into two categories:

  • Keeping it clean: Perform routine maintenance on your home’s systems, depending on their age and style.
  • Keeping an eye on it: Watch for signs of leaks, damage, and wear. Fixing small problems early can save you big money later.

Get my Homekeepr APP to find maintenance tips and to get a monthly maintenance reminder geared specifically to your home.